300 containers of Iranian fruits and vegetables rotted on the border of Azerbaijan
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Inserted Date : 6/13/2021 10:00:00 AM
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According to Tasnim news agency from Karaj, Seyed Kazem Mirjalili in a meeting with the director general of Alborz province customs regarding the necessity of setting up a quarantine center for agricultural products in the location of special economic zone and Payam international airport and near the province customs:

After 4 to 5 years of this issue, finally at the end of last year, allocating a place for the activities of this center in the location of the special economic zone and Payam International Airport was on the agenda.Noting that the site for the quarantine center for agricultural products has been renovated and equipped, he said that at present only the internet supply of the center is left.

He pointed out that about 2 years ago, with the activation of special cargo flights to send export cargo in the field of agriculture from the origin of the international airport, we exported the message of many export products daily to the target destinations.But now these flights are not performed due to issues such as lack of sufficient fuel flights or high airport costs at the destination destinations, and we are more focused on land transportation.

Mirjalili said that currently the destination of exported agricultural products includes vegetables and fruits of the Persian Gulf countries, including Oman, Dubai and Qatar, adding that another problem we have in the discussion of transportation, because part of our refrigerated containers should be Updated or replaced with new containers.

He noted that in February of last year, more than 300 containers of Iranian cargo, including export agricultural products such as cucumbers, kiwis and tomatoes, were kept in Baku for about 25 days.Due to the lack of cooperation of the Commercial Counselor in Azerbaijan, it was repeatedly banned for 25 days and irreparable damage was inflicted on the exporters if the Central Bank He stated that these products were corrupt, adding that the exporters of these products suffered damages of 5 to 20 billion Tomans.requested a refund from the exporter and the exporter's card was suspended.


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